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Behind the Lens: The Anatomy of a Good Headshot

Ever paused at a photograph, drawn by the raw emotion and story behind a person's eyes? That's the magic of a compelling headshot. Unlike any other photo, a headshot holds the power to reveal an individual’s character and essence within a single frame. I'm Austen Hunter, a Pensacola photographer who has worked with hundreds of clients to create stunning professional headshots. Let's dive in and explore what truly makes a headshot stand out.

Key Takeaways:

  • A headshot is a visual representation of your personality, captured through facial expressions and body language. It often serves as a first impression in professional contexts.

  • Composition and lighting are vital elements of headshot photography, with guidelines like the rule of thirds helping to create balance and visual interest.

  • Your expression and posture significantly impact the effectiveness of your headshot, aiming to capture authenticity, confidence, and versatility.

  • Clothing, grooming, makeup, and hairstyling choices can enhance a headshot, playing a role in highlighting your features, conveying specific messages, and maintaining a professional aesthetic.

what makes a good headshot blue shirt professional headshot man

Definition of a Headshot

A professional headshot is more than just an ordinary portrait; it goes beyond capturing physical appearance alone. It aims to reveal one's personality through facial expressions and body language while maintaining authenticity.

Unlike full-body photographs or group shots, which offer more context and storytelling elements, headshots focus solely on the individual's face. This composition allows viewers to engage directly with facial features and expressions—windows into their character and potential.

Importance of a Good Headshot

A good headshot has gained immense prominence in our visually oriented era. Serving as an initial bridge for budding professionals, the importance of a headshot cannot be understated. Whether you're venturing into corporate sectors or setting sights on acting roles in theater and cinema, your headshot is your unique identifier—a silent yet impactful introduction. It's not merely about looking good; a strategically taken headshot resonates with professionalism, leaving an indelible mark on its viewers. Consider it your personal brand ambassador, portraying more than just your looks but echoing your distinct qualities and capabilities. As the digital domain becomes our primary networking ground—with platforms like LinkedIn, social media, and personal websites—your headshot rises as your digital introduction. Beware of common headshot mistakes as they can dim the potential of even the most promising candidates. Ultimately, a headshot isn't just a portrait; it's your visual statement, establishing connections and unlocking professional doors.

"In every headshot, a narrative unfolds, revealing the essence that's uniquely you." - Austen Hunter

The Basics of Composition and Lighting

what makes a good headshot female headshot professional
In this image, the subject's eyes rest on the upper third of the image, creating a pleasing composition.

Framing the Face: Rule of Thirds, Centering, and Angles

A standout headshot isn't just about your best smile; it's also about how the photo is composed. Ever wonder why some photos just seem to "pop"? It's often down to techniques like the rule of thirds, where the frame is imagined to be split into nine parts. By positioning your eyes along these lines or where they intersect, your photo gains a certain visual harmony. But that's not the only way to do it. Sometimes, having your face right in the center of the shot can make a bold statement, adding a sense of symmetry that's equally engaging. The way you're angled in the shot matters too. A straight-on look can give off an aura of confidence, while a slight tilt or turn can add a hint of depth and character to your headshot. So when you're getting your headshot taken, remember that these subtle composition choices can make all the difference in showcasing your unique presence and personality.

Utilizing Natural or Studio Lighting for Optimal Results

Lighting can make or break a headshot, setting the tone for how you're perceived. When you hear photographers talk about natural lighting, think of the soft, warm glow that sunlight or a cloudy day provides. This type of lighting is fantastic for highlighting your natural beauty, capturing true skin tones and subtle textures. Just imagine standing by a window or an open door, with the light cascading onto your face just right, avoiding any stark shadows.

On the flip side, there's studio lighting—a photographer's toolkit to control and craft the perfect ambiance. They use specialized gear like softboxes or umbrellas to direct light precisely, emphasizing your best features while keeping shadows at bay. Whether it's the authentic touch of natural light or the refined precision of studio setups, rest assured that the right lighting will illuminate your headshot, showcasing you in the best possible way.

Background Selection: Simplicity vs Context

The backdrop of your headshot holds significant importance. A professional headshot background is essential to keep the subject as the spotlight, magnifying their features and expressions. This typically means leaning towards unobtrusive shades or straightforward backdrops that accentuate the individual without detracting focus.

Yet, there are moments when weaving in a touch of context amplifies the story behind the headshot. Imagine an actor showcasing themselves against a hint of a theater ambiance or a business executive against a corporate backdrop to underline their expertise. In some scenarios, an outdoor headshot location offer a fresh and vibrant setting, adding depth and character to the image. The key lies in ensuring that the background adds to the narrative, without overwhelming or drawing attention away from your face. With the right balance, your headshot becomes more than just a photo; it's a visual story of who you are. So when choosing your backdrop, think about the narrative you want to share.

Expressions and Poses

Capturing authenticity: relaxed vs. forced smiles

Achieving the perfect headshot is more than just posing in front of a camera; it's about letting your authentic self shine. Especially with smiles, understanding when to smile in a headshot can significantly impact the outcome. A genuine smile isn't just about the curve of the lips; it's a warmth that lights up the eyes, creating a memorable connection with viewers. In contrast, a strained smile can feel out of place and less engaging. If you're planning for a headshot session, seek photographers who can create a comfortable environment. They should be adept at guiding you, helping you forget the camera momentarily, and allowing your true, genuine smile to emerge.

Conveying confidence through body language and posture

Getting the right body language in headshots is like striking the perfect note in a song—it sets the tone. If you're wondering how to pose for a headshot, remember that your posture can silently broadcast confidence or hesitation. Stand tall with shoulders relaxed and chin slightly raised; it's a balance between looking approachable and self-assured. Avoid poses that feel closed-off, like crossing your arms, as this might send the wrong message. Keep your posture upright, not just for the camera but for that confident aura you want to project.

what makes a good headshot pose angled face

Experimenting with different expressions to showcase versatility

Variety is like the spice of life, especially for headshots. Having a range of expressions lets you show off different facets of your personality, making you ready for diverse professional scenarios. Think about the image you want to project. Perhaps you're an actor looking for both a brooding look and a cheerful one. During your headshot session, don't be afraid to dive into emotions like joy, contemplation, or even a playful smirk. The more flavors you bring to the table, the better equipped you'll be to find a headshot that truly resonates with your goals.

The power of micro-expressions: Communicating volumes in a fleeting moment

Those candid, unexpected moments can sometimes be the most telling. While you're prepared for the classic smiles and the signature serious look, don't forget the power of those spontaneous micro-expressions. It's in that quick eyebrow lift, the barely-there smirk, or that spontaneous twinkle in the eye that your true essence might just shine through. These split-second expressions can convey a world about who you are, giving depth to your headshot.

A seasoned photographer will be on the lookout for these fleeting moments, capturing them to give you those standout shots that make viewers do a double-take. It's all about embracing authenticity, from your genuine smile to confident posture and those spontaneous looks that come naturally. Remember, you're one of a kind, so when you step in front of that camera, it's all about discovering and showcasing the most memorable version of you.

Table: Key Elements of a Good Headshot




A visual representation of one's personality through facial expressions and body language.


Utilizing guidelines like the rule of thirds to create balance and visual interest.


​Capturing authenticity, confidence, and versatility in expressions and posture.


Clothing, makeup, and hairstyling choices that enhance the headshot and maintain professionalism.

Wardrobe and Styling Tips

what makes a good headshot headshot outfit ideas

Choosing attire that complements the individual's features and personality

Selecting the right attire can elevate your headshot from good to outstanding. As you explore professional headshot outfits, it's essential to pick clothing that not only accentuates your features but also resonates with your character. For example, if you have mesmerizing blue eyes, wearing shirts in shades of blue or earthy colors can make them pop even more. For those considering adding a touch of formality, choosing the best ties for headshots can be a game-changer. And if your personality screams vibrancy, don't shy away from introducing bold patterns or statement accessories. After all, your attire should be as memorable as you are!

Understanding color psychology to enhance mood and convey messages

what makes a good headshot  color psychology wheel

Color psychology plays a significant role in photography by evoking emotions and conveying subtle messages. Different colors have distinct psychological impacts on viewers.

For instance, wearing warm tones such as reds or oranges can convey energy and confidence, while cooler tones like blues or greens can evoke calmness or professionalism. Consider the intended purpose of the headshot when selecting colors; for corporate headshots, neutral colors like navy blue or charcoal gray often exude professionalism and reliability.

Paying attention to grooming details for a polished look

Preparing for a standout headshot goes beyond choosing the perfect outfit. Grooming plays a central role in ensuring you look polished and professional. If you're a gentleman preparing for your session, some essential headshot grooming tips for men include ensuring your hair and facial hair are styled neatly. Ladies, there are plenty of headshot grooming tips for women to consider, such as making sure your skin looks fresh with the right skincare products, ensuring a glow without excessive shine. Moreover, the accessories you pick can make a subtle difference. Think of timeless jewelry like stud earrings or minimalistic necklaces that complement without overshadowing your face. It's always best to steer clear of overly flashy pieces that can take the spotlight away from you. Remember, your grooming combined with your wardrobe sets the stage for a headshot that not only impresses but truly represents the professional you.

The Role of Makeup and Hair Styling

Enhancing natural features without overpowering the face

Achieving the perfect look for a headshot involves more than just a stellar wardrobe; hair and makeup tips for headshots can make a world of difference. The essence is to highlight your natural beauty while ensuring the look feels genuine. Makeup artists often emphasize a seamless complexion, using foundation, concealer, and powder to present an even skin tone and mask any blemishes. Contouring, when done subtly, can accentuate facial features like cheekbones and the jawline. Eye makeup is an art of its own. Neutral eyeshadows can bring attention to the eyes without being overpowering, and mascara, when applied with care, elevates the look without risk of smudging. Well-groomed eyebrows complete the face, with light strokes filling in any gaps to maintain a natural appearance. As for your hair, choosing a style that aligns with your face and the context of the headshot is vital. Whether you lean towards a smooth straight look, gentle curls, or an elegant updo, the goal is to enhance without diverting attention from your face.

Considering different looks based on industry or purpose

The nuances of makeup and hair styling can vary widely depending on the industry you're aiming for. In corporate environments, a business headshot typically leans towards refined makeup that communicates professionalism. Think neutral eyeshadow palettes with earthy browns or sophisticated grays and restrained lipstick hues that enhance without overpowering.

For actors navigating their way in the industry, following certain "acting headshot tips" can be invaluable. When considering film roles, it's essential to have headshots that spotlight raw, nuanced, and emotive expressions, mirroring the depth of character-driven narratives. In contrast, commercial roles demand headshots that radiate a bright, approachable, and adaptable look, suitable for various advertisements or TV spots. Balancing between these two styles in your portfolio showcases your versatility and readiness for a broad spectrum of roles.

Lastly, when considering an image for platforms like LinkedIn, a LinkedIn profile headshot should capture both professionalism and your authentic self. It's a space where heavy makeup or overly dramatic hairstyles might not align with the platform's networking nature. The aim is to represent yourself as approachable and reliable, ensuring those viewing your profile feel a genuine connection.

Tailoring Headshots for Different Industries or Purposes

Corporate headshots: projecting professionalism and competence

what makes a good headshot when to smile for a headshot corporate headshot example

Your corporate headshot is more than just a photo; it's the face of your professionalism and capability. To make the right impression and align with business standards, it's vital to craft an image that radiates reliability.

For the perfect corporate headshot:

  • Aim for a sleek, refined appearance.

  • Dress in smart business wear, ensuring your outfit fits well and is complemented by subtle accessories.

  • Project a demeanor that's both welcoming and assertive, embodying your confidence.

  • Choose a simple, neutral backdrop or a classic office scene to highlight your professional vibe.

  • Lighting is key: it should emphasize your features without casting harsh shadows.

  • Lastly, in the editing phase, address any minor blemishes subtly to retain your authentic look.

Acting headshots: capturing range, character types, and emotions

Your headshot is much more than just a photo; it's your introduction to the world of casting. It's essential that it not only highlights how you look but who you are as a performer.

Showcase Your Range: Acting headshots are about variety. It's great to demonstrate different expressions, the types of characters you can bring to life, and the genuine emotions you can evoke. This gives casting directors a sense of your versatility.

Wardrobe Matters: Dress for the part. Whether it's casual wear to fit a modern-day scene or period attire for a historic role, ensure your outfit aligns with the characters you envision yourself portraying.

Props Can Help: While not always necessary, sometimes a specific prop can emphasize a unique skill you have or fit perfectly with a particular role you're eyeing.

Lighting Sets the Mood: The choice of lighting can dramatically change the vibe of your headshot. Soft lighting might bring out a gentler side, while a more intense light setup might suggest drama and depth. Discuss the mood you want to convey with your photographer.

Stay True to Yourself in Editing: While some touch-ups can help enhance your best features, remember to keep it authentic. Overly edited photos can be easily spotted and might create the wrong impression. Casting directors want to see the real you!

what makes a good headshot acting headshot commercial example

Online profiles (e.g., LinkedIn): balancing professionalism with approachability

A strong online presence, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, plays an instrumental role in professional success. A captivating headshot can be your ticket to standing out and making that all-important first impression. Strive to find the sweet spot between appearing professional and showcasing your personality. This balance communicates competence and trustworthiness while also making you appear approachable and likable. When dressing for your headshot, business casual is a reliable choice for many industries, but always consider your specific audience and their expectations. A genuine smile can make a world of difference, projecting warmth and authenticity. Opt for a straightforward, undistracting background and ensure the lighting is even to avoid any shadows that may cast an unprofessional look. While post-production touches can enhance a picture, it's crucial to keep edits minimal to ensure authenticity. Remember, depending on the industry or platform, tailoring your headshot to suit specific needs can optimize your professional image. Whether for a corporate environment, an acting portfolio, or a LinkedIn profile, ensuring your headshot is aligned with industry expectations and effectively conveys your unique attributes can set you on a path to success.

Technical Considerations in Post-production

Headshot Retouching

Retouching is a bit like the finishing touch on a masterpiece. It's all about enhancing your natural features, tidying up minor imperfections, and ensuring your headshot shines at its best. But, like all good things, moderation is key. It's essential that the end result still looks like you — authentic and genuine. Expert retouching can make subtle tweaks, like skin smoothing or color balancing, to highlight your best qualities without overdoing it. Remember, it's about showcasing the real you, just on your very best day!

Final Thoughts

A good headshot is a blend of various elements, seamlessly melded to present the best version of you. The right balance of composition, lighting, expressions, and poses is pivotal in crafting a headshot that stands out and encapsulates your unique personality and professional image. It's not just about getting the right shot; the final touch in wardrobe, makeup, hair styling, and post-production retouching make that frame both striking and genuine. A headshot does more than display your looks—it narrates your story, in a single moment.

The magic truly happens when photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and you—the heart of the portrait—work in unison. It's in this collaboration that headshots transform into impactful tools, setting the stage for lasting first impressions, regardless of the industry. If you're planning to update your professional headshot, remember these insights. Embracing composition skills, delving into lighting intricacies, and choosing the perfect pose, attire, and expression are the stepping stones to a standout portrait.

Want your headshot to resonate with all these key ingredients? Unveil the best version of yourself with a photo session at Austen Hunter Photography. It's not just a photo—it's your professional signature. Book now to create a lasting impression.


Austen Hunter Photography is a photographer based in Pensacola, Florida who specializes in family beach photography, military portrait photography and professional headshot in a bold and clean style. Austen Hunter has been locally recognized and internationally published . He uses a variety of both natural light and off-camera flash to capture images. People usually book Austen for outdoor portrait sessions or sessions conducted at his home studio.

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