Patricia's Personal Branding Session

Personal Branding is an effective marketing strategy for small businesses and startups. There's quite a few ways to connect with customers through personal branding: consistent content, a shared sense of values, and images that stand out against the competition. Knowing she needed some great images for her Therapy practice, Patricia got in touch with me to schedule a session.

When a client comes to me for a personal branding session, some important events have to take place before I even touch my camera. The first event is a quick 'discovery' phone call to learn more about your brand and audience. Before I can begin planning the details of your photoshoot, I need to understand who and what your brand represents! In Patricia's case, she is a therapist who provides a lot of support to people through her professional duties and very uplifting Instagram account.

Once we've discussed your brand and audience, we then begin the planning stage of your photoshoot. In times like these, it's good to be a perfectionist. I discuss with my clients the big and small details of their photo shoot. From props to bring and outfits to wear, to color schemes and styling decisions. At this time is also when I start drafting up potential locations if my client needs suggestions.

In Patricia's case, she was looking for some outdoor shots in a natural setting with plenty of leafy green backgrounds. She referenced some Instagram accounts that had similar content to what she was wanting to create. With that information in mind, we decided on a popular park in Santa Monica.

Our photoshoot began at Tongva Park, a scenic city park placed right between Santa Monica City Hall and the very popular Santa Monica Pier. It was my first time shooting at this location, but I arrived early enough to scout it out as is my custom. Patricia and I settled on this location due to it's close proximity to her workplace and the natural green backdrops it offered.

One thing I realized during the shoot is that I had underestimated the photogenic potential of the park itself. It had much more to offer than bokeh'd out leafy backgrounds I had expected. There's plenty of architecture in the park to create interesting scenes, and also a good amount of trails and railings to create flattering leading lines that draw attention to the subject.

Patricia and I had a great time posing against these various obstacles and capturing a variety of shots. Even though she was not a model, she was given informative and flattering posing instructions under my guidance. I do pride myself on being able to create flattering photos of not just professional models, but anyone who comes in front of my lens. The only troublesome thing we encountered during our shoot were the high wind speeds that made hair hard to manage; a common problem when working near the beach.

Our shoot concluded about an hour after it had began, just as the sun was setting over the horizon. We used the moment to capture some quick Blue Hour shots and then called it a day. Patricia was very happy with her images, and our session was another one for the books. Here's some highlights from our photoshoot:


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