Dili's Fort Pickens Graduation Photos

Graduating College is a big achievement, and certainly calls for a photoshoot to make the moment unforgettable. Dili got in touch with Austen Hunter for her graduation photography session. Here's how it went:

senior pictures graduation photography session Pensacola Beach Fort Pickens sitting pose

Fort Pickens History

Fort Pickens is an iconic historical location in the Pensacola, FL area. Originally built in 1834, the played a role in the American Civil War and was one of the emplacements in the South that remained occupied by the Union during the war. Fort Pickens was also used during World War II by the US Navy, which fortified it to protect Pensacola Bay against German U-boat attacks. The fort was decommissioned in 1947, and has since been a protected historical landmark under the authority of the US National Park Service.

The historical fort has more tales and memories than one could ever know, and it's unique history and features make it a great choice for a photoshoot.

Graduation Photography

One of the reasons why graduation photography is so important is that it creates a lasting record for the graduate and the graduate's family to enjoy and remember. It's easy to brush off a graduation when you're young and the memory is fresh in your mind, but years later, those memories will get fuzzy and you'll be happy to have a solid photograph (or a few) of that big day to keep the moment unforgettable. Not to mention, I can guarantee there's somebody in your family who'd love to have a framed grad portrait of you on the mantle!

Dili's Fort Pickens Photos

My session with Dili began at the entrance of Fort Pickens. She brought her graduation cap and gown outfit, which I always recommend my seniors/graduates bring (along with other school activities they're involved in, like band). Photographing the cap and gown are the little details that make a big impact on the storytelling of the photoshoot (bonus points if you decorate the cap!).

As we wandered around the Fort, stopping by the fortified brick walls before we made our way up a staircase to the top of the fort. There, overlooking Pensacola Bay, we caught some more photos of Dili that were quite dramatic and fun. What I really enjoyed about this session was that there were few visitors at the time and fair weather conditions, so we were able to take our time and help Dili pose and capture her with a variety of compositions, including this shot that has since become my favorite from the session:

senior pictures graduation photography session Pensacola Beach Fort Pickens

Dili's graduation photography session at Fort Pickens turned out to be a lot of fun! If you're graduating soon and would like to plan a photoshoot to celebrate, choose a Pensacola photographer you can rely on. I have plenty of fun ideas and suggestions to make your session great! Get in touch with me today to get the ball rolling:

Here's some other highlights from the session:

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