5 Family Christmas Photo Outfit Ideas

Christmas is around the corner, and it's one of the best times of year for a family photoshoot. Not only does it provide the perfect excuse for some family fun, but you can also use the photos for your annual holiday card, or update the family photo album. There's so many ways to approach a family Christmas photo, so here are some fun outfit ideas you can consider while planning your photography session:

Matching Christmas Pajamas

The first thing on our list is the trendy and ubiquitous matching Christmas Pajamas. A fan favorite of children and adults alike, Christmas pajamas are affordable and easy to find at your local Target or Walmart during the holiday season. There's also tons of choices on Amazon. We love this choice because they make for great loungewear during the holiday season. Who doesn't like sitting around the house in pajamas, sipping coffee or tea on a cool winter morning? Within the pajama aesthetic, there's options for flannel, reindeer, and elf print patterns that are super cute, too. Here's a few of our favorites:

Christmas Pajamas for Families

More Christmas Pajamas for Families

Even more Christmas Pajamas for Families

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Okay, for those who prefer to make a personality statement, the ugly Christmas Sweater is the way to go. In addition to being great attire for your office Christmas party, the ugly Christmas sweater covers a range of creative expression, with tons of designs that can showcase your unique interests with a Christmas flair. I personally like the photography-related ones.

If you're going to go with an Ugly Christmas Sweater, be sure to order yours early. Trying to get one near Christmas time is going to be nearly impossible, as I have experienced in years past. You can get ugly Christmas sweaters here, and Amazon has a decent selection, too.

Family Flannel Attire

Matching flannel button-downs are a cute choice for families or couples, and are going to look especially great during outdoor portrait shoots. Flannels like these are a great middle ground for those who neither want to dress too formally or too casually. What else is nice about this outfit choice is that it's a pretty versatile wardrobe item and can be worn during Fall and Winter seasons.

Bow Tie Affair

If you like your Christmas Card photos a little more posh, you can really emphasize your patrician-tier fashion sense with some button-downs and bowties like this family did. This is a more formal choice that will work well for both small and large families. Just wear a uniform color and add some festive green and/or red accents, using ties or bowties. While there's definitely a place in my heart for flannels of all varieties, I can't deny how classy this kind of attire looks, and it certainly photographs well. Here's a few of our favorites:

Men's Bowtie and Suspenders Pack

Christmas Ties for Men

Family Christmas Photos

I hope you found these outfits inspiring! The holidays are a great time to get family portraits done, and a little holiday flair can make the moment even more special. If you're looking to get family Christmas photos, I'd love to be the photographer to make it happen. Even better, I'm offering a special holiday rate to make the deal even sweeter. Click the link below to learn more.

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