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Maelyn's Cozy Headshot Session

Updated: Nov 1

I really enjoy Headshot Sessions. Maybe it's because I'm a people-person, but to me they're cozy and interpersonal, especially when done in the studio. That's because a good headshot usually needs some coaxing out through friendly conversation and banter. Recently, my good friend Maelyn got in touch with me to update her Headshot portfolio and it was a perfectly cozy session.

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It's not uncommon for subjects to feel a little nervous when first sitting down in the modeling chair, in front of all the lights and cameras. Many a time have I seen that 'deer in the headlights' look when someone comes in to grab a simple headshot for their LinkedIn profile or business cards. A good photographer won't let you be 'a deer in the headlights' for long though. I've discovered that a little conversation is necessary to help my subject feel at ease, and that's when the really good shots start coming out.

Since Maelyn and I know each other and were once coworkers, getting her situated and ready for her session was simple. I had the studio all ready to go by the time she showed up, and her acting prowess allowed her to get right down to business without much time needed to adjust to the lights and lens.

Our session together was more like a little catch-up date with bursts of intermittent flash and shutter clicks. One by one, we got through every outfit and look she had requested while we discussed our latest adventures and come ups. It was a breeze, just like it should be.

One thing my Headshot clients love is being able to select their favorite shots before their session ends. Every image I capture is tethered from my camera into a computer on site, where clients can review their photos before they leave. Their selections are then edited and delivered at a later date with no surprises, and clients get the images they need. I find this works really well for my clients, as people are (understandably) very selective about their headshot. Maelyn was able to comb through the shots we captured and select her favorite ones to be edited and delivered.

After the client review, the editing process begins in earnest. My headshot sessions always include detailed retouching that includes skin softening, blemish removal, and additional touchup as necessary (stray hairs, teeth whitening, etc.). Part of my artistic philosophy is portraying my clients in the most flattering light possible while preserving your authentic self, and this extends to the way I do headshots.

If you or someone you know is in need of a headshot, you'll know who to call! Come by my studio for a comfortable and cozy headshot experience. Here's how Maelyn's headshots turned out:

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