Keila's Family Christmas Photos

Keila is a valuable client & friend of mine. And this year, she maintained her holiday tradition by booking another Christmas-themed family photoshoot with me! Most people don't know this, but Keila is the reason why I have a Christmas Props set to begin with - it all started when she asked me for a Christmas-themed shoot last year. In that time, Austen Hunter Photography's Christmas set has grown from a few festively wrapped cardboard boxes to a complete Christmas Tree with all the ornaments and glitter (and yet more festively-wrapped cardboard boxes). Naturally, such an important requires a blog post to canonize it, so here we go:

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Family Christmas Photos

Whereas last year we did our photoshoot in my home studio, this year Keila and I opted for an outdoor shoot. The location for this shoot was the fantastic Whittier Narrows Recreation Area in the San Gabriel Valley. This place is so great for photoshoots - it's a little hidden gem among an otherwise very dense urban area. At Whittier Narrows, there's plenty of ponds and reeds and trees that change to lovely autumn hues around this time of year.

Alot has changed in the year between these two Christmas Photoshoots. Not only did I celebrate my second year of business, and I feel like this year has witnessed a lot of really incredible personal and professional growth. In addition to new equipment, I have also invested in new editing and posing techniques that have greatly improved the quality of my work, which my clients like Keila have been appreciative of.

I remember how awkward I felt at the time, Keila's family was actually one of the first family photography clients I'd ever booked! Thankfully, this year posing was an absolute breeze after I read up on the fundamentals of family photography.

Christmas Tree Portraits

After plopping our Christmas tree down in the middle of the park, we got right to work, Our shoot together went without a hitch. The kids were well behaved and ready, the wind wasn't blowing too harshly, and the sun was right where it was supposed to be, without clouds or rain. I would call that ideal conditions for a family photoshoot. Here's how it looked:

I'm very thankful for all the Christmas Sessions I have been booking. At this time a year, it's a beautiful thing to see families come together and celebrate their love. If you're thinking of a family photoshoot, please get in touch with me and let's create something magical.

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