Winter Wonderland Baby Shower

Life can be a bit hectic when you're expecting...but that didn't stop Khilyn from celebrating her beautiful December baby with a beach-side maternity shoot and snowflake-filled baby shower!

Flying in from Colorado, Khilyn could think of no better place to throw her baby shower than near her hometown - where plenty of her family and old friends could attend. Since she's giving birth to a lovely December baby, the theme of the shower was Winter Wonderland.

Our first meeting was on the Huntington Beach pier, where we had scheduled to do her Maternity Shoot. The sun hung low in the sky, and with little daylight left to shoot, we immediately got started. Our shoot began underneath the pier and transitioned to the shoreline. I remember feeling the pressure to work fast, as the the minutes of daylight began to run out like sand in an hourglass.

Losing the sun didn't necessarily end the shoot, however, and we continued photograph in the twilight that is known as Blue Hour with the help of off-camera lighting. I had asked Khilyn prior to meeting if she would consider getting in the water for some of her shots, to which she said yes. Now, it was time to take the plunge. Surprisingly for us both, the water was warm for a November day, and it made this part of the shoot all the more pleasant. The pictures we took in the water became my favorites from the Maternity Session.

Venturing into the water was the most exciting part of the photoshoot.

After the Maternity Session, we parted ways - soaking wet, but happy with the images we had captured. After a few days of rest, we saddled up for the Baby Shower.

Khilyn had chosen the Essick House in Sierra Madre for her Baby Shower. Built in 1914, the Essick House is a historical landmark and center for community in the sleepy foothills town. It had been decorated with little snowflakes, decorative balloons, and even a glitzy Christmas tree for the Shower.

Fun & festivities were par the course for such a well-planned party. The guests played trivia games to determine 'who knew momma best'. People laughed as they compared their answers to one another while Khilyn tallied up the winning score. A baby bottle chug challenge happened next between all the 21+ adults, and yes, before you ask: it is exactly what it sounds like.

The guests had plenty of delicious options for their appetite as the shower went on. Khilyn hosted a taco caterer who cooked up tasty tacos on the spot, and the guests also had their choice of sweets. There were cupcakes, frosted cookies, and a large polar bear-topped cake. Later in the night, when the energy mellowed out, the attendees were treated to hot chocolate cups to sip as they mingled with other guests.

Khilyn put together a great party for her friends and family. And it was an honor to be her photographer. Together, we were able to turn precious moments into lifelong memories that she and her loved ones will enjoy. Without further ado, take a look our hightlight images:

I hope you enjoyed this little write up of our fun time with Khilyn! There's so many more great images from this Maternity Shoot and Baby Shower that I didn't include here. Check out the rest on our Pinterest Account! Also, I'd love to stay in touch with you, so please consider subscribing or following us on Instagram so you can follow along with our latest updates!

Have a great week,

Austen Hunter