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Lilla's Fitness Fashion Session

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Ever since my Swimsuit Photoshoot in September, I had been wanting to expand my fashion photography portfolio. So when actress and fitness model Lilla approached me for a creative collaboration, I couldn't say no.

Apparently, there are people out there who have the discipline to exercise every day and are not susceptible to the tantalizing scent of fresh donuts, which are known to make one lose all dietary inhibitions. Lilla is one of those people, and I am clearly not. She reached out to me through my Instagram during the quarantine period earlier in the year. We both agreed that a collaboration was in order, and wanted to plan one when the lockdown was over. By the time October came around we were able to finally meet and make some art.

As is my custom, I began planning the elements of the photoshoot. First, we needed a good location. I typically location scout through Google Maps. I'll check around for certain locales, most of which always have a at least a few photos attached to the address so I can get a feel for the area without having to drive all the way out to it (sometimes I will though, if I feel it necessary). Alternatively, I'll search the location tag on Instagram or Pinterest and see what other creatives have captured from the area as well.

In this case, I chose a quaint little park in Orange County called Cedar Grove Park. I was inspired by the earthy little trails and trees that would contrast so well with vibrant workout apparel. After a brief discussion of outfits and colors, the date was set and the shoot was on.

I arrived early at Cedar Grove Park on the day of the shoot. I like to get familiar with my locations especially if it's a place I haven't visited before. Typically during this time I choose a few particular areas where I will capture my shots. I find this is really effective for getting the most amount of variety with limited time available. I recall seeing at least four or five photographers while I wandered around the park, which assured me I had picked a good place for a photoshoot.

When Lilla arrived we exchanged introductions and got down to business right away. During this time of the year photography can be a bit more challenging, as there is less light to work with during the day. I always check the sunset time on my weather app so I can keep track of how much daylight I have left when I'm shooting.

Lately I have been using a two-light setup whenever I have a chance. I feel that it creates stronger and more captivating portraits when my subject is clearly separated from their background using a hair light. It also gives me much more flexibility to add enough light to my shots during Blue Hour, which is the time just after sunset.

After capturing some cool shots in near darkness, we began wrapping up our session. It's always exciting to work with new people, and in the case of Lilla, she is a very professional model who has some great posing abilities. Here's the highlights from our session:

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