Brandon & Brooke's Engagement at the University of Southern California

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Hey friends! Recently, Austen Hunter Photography achieved a new milestone: our first engagement shoot! I had the honor of photographing my close friends, Brandon and Brooke, who are soon to be married early next year. We will be shooting their wedding, too! How exciting.

Brandon and Brooke were considering a location that involved aesthetically patterned masonry for their Engagement shoot - so naturally we decided on the University of Southern California in Los Angeles for the shoot location. USC's architecture style is known as 'Romanesque Revival', and it was at one point a popular form of architecture for civic buildings. Combined with its green lawns and refreshing fountains, the locale provides ample opportunity for stunning and diverse visual portraits - perfect for any engagement or family photoshoot.

In order to get the shots, I visited the USC campus the day before to location scout. It took a good hour or two, but the visit was pleasant and helped me get my creative juices flowing. I planned the route we would travel and the locations we would shoot at prior to the day so our couple could enjoy a shoot that wasn't too drawn out. With the time saved, we managed to visit the Rose Gardens at Exposition Park and get some shots at the very place Brandon proposed to Brooke! It was a heartfelt experience.

We celebrated after the shoot was over. Being the awesome friends that they are, they treated Sarah and I to some delicious Korean Barbecue in downtown Los Angeles. I will neither confirm nor deny that this was a motivating factor in getting their pictures edited right away! Just kidding - I give a 110% quality of service for all my clients, regardless of whether they feed me KBBQ or not.

Anyways, the engagement shoot was a great experience & great success. And to Brandon & Brooke: if you're reading this, thank you for choosing me as your photographer. I'll see you at the Wedding!

Without further ado, enjoy these pictures of the engaged couple:

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-Austen & Sarah


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