4 Ways to Make Your Photography Business More Professional in 2022

Making a good first impression is a key element of success for small business owners. As photographers, we can't rely on visually appealing images alone to sell our services, but we must also create a smooth, professional customer experience to make a positive and lasting impression on our potential clients. Here's some easy steps you can take to make your Photography Business more professional in 2022:

1. Create Business Cards

Business Cards and first impressions go hand in hand. Even in a world of smart phones and digital interfaces, 27 million business cards are printed every day. Though they may seem unnecessary, having a business card is part of the etiquette of entrepreneurship. When you are pitching your photography services to someone, handing them a business card creates a strong impression that you are a professional and not just a 'hobby photographer' - which I'm sure is an assumption that you'd rather avoid.

Creating a business card is pretty simple, and there's a few websites that will help you design and print your cards. Canva in particular is nice for creating your own Business Card design - saving you money on the overall cost. Once you have them, be sure to keep them on you at all times, as you'll never know when the opportunity to pitch your photography services will present itself! I usually keep business cards in my camera bag, my car, and of course my wallet just so they are going to be there when I need them.

2. Use a Professional Image Delivery Service

Upgrading your image delivery service is a simple and often free way to upgrade the professionalism of your photography business. Many photographers use start out by using Google Drive and Dropbox to deliver their images to clients. While it may work as far as getting image to client is concerned, it's hardly an aesthetic and convenient customer experience.

Web applications like Pixieset, PASS Gallery, or Pic-Time have free options to start with and a beautiful presentation that your clients will appreciate. Many of these galleries also include a drop-ship printing feature, for those who want to order prints. These options remove the hassle of accessing Google Drive or Dropbox folders, and give your client gallery a nice polished feel that will impress them, all for free!

3. Create a Contract

Contracts are one of those really boring yet essential items for your photography business. If you plan on getting paid for your photography, You need a contract. Contracts protect you and set expectations for your client. It shows you are serious about your service and defines what that service is exactly.

There are templates available online that you can customize, but it's good practice to get things reviewed by an attorney so you know you're safe when setting up a contract. It's definitely something that you'll be thankful you have when the need for it arises.

4. Launch a Website

The benefits of having a dedicated website for your photography cannot be overstated. A website makes you look credible, and also provides a place where you have complete control over your photography business. Websites also provide a more intimate place where clients can get to know you and explore your services, Lastly, your website is a place where clients can find you in the event you are locked out of or banned from a social media account - a problem that has affected many high-profile creators at one time or another.

As far as websites go, Squarespace, Wordpress, and Wix are popular with photographers. I personally use Wix, and I have been very happy with them. The Wix platform is really easy to set up if you are one of the many people without website building experience. It comes with the ability to create galleries, send invoices, and send out email campaigns, along with many other features. It's pretty much a one-stop shop for a small business owner, and they also periodically add new features for the community.

Well that covers the 4 ways you can make your Photography Business more professional in 2022! Following these steps will go a long way towards taking your photography business to the next level.

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