Blast from the Past: The 1970s Fashion Photoshoot

To keep photography fresh and interesting for me, I periodically pursue creative projects that are meant to express my creative side. One such project involved revisiting 70s fashion trends. Here's how I brought the 1970s back with a creative photoshoot.

1970s womens fashion outfits nightlife photoshoot

What is 1970's Fashion?

The 1970s is regarded as one of the most influential decades for fashion trends. This era was foundational to our modern perception of fashion and many trends from 1970s fashion are still popular today. Characterized by bright neon colors, bellbottoms, midi skirts, denim jeans, jumpsuits and more; you can find the echoes of 1970s fashion all around you today.

Fashion during the 70s era was influenced by many different subcultures. During this time, there were significant fashion contributions from socio-political movements that created distinct hippie, punk, and disco fashion genres. Each one left its own mark on the history of fashion.

1970s fashion photoshoot womens fashion trends in the 70s rocker punk outfit

What Influenced 1970s Fashion?

The free expression and explorative attitudes of the 1970s was the result of a new generation coming of age during a turbulent time in the United States. Years earlier, in the decade of 1960s, political and social upheaval rocked the country. Influential socio-political movements such as the Women's Liberation and Civil Rights movement upturned social norms at the time. At the same time, America's unpopular war in Vietnam inspired resistance against war and the perceived status-quo.

In the aftermath of a decade spent questioning authority and embracing countercultural ideals, the 1970s arrived bearing emphasis on free expression, 'live and let live' attitudes, and creative exploration. These values permeated the world of fashion at the time, leading to a boon of a unique fashion sub-genres and trends that are still revered today.

1970s fashion photoshoot womens disco outfit fashion trends of the 70s

1970s Fashion Photoshoot

As someone who loves history and fashion photography, putting together a 1970s fashion photoshoot was an exciting creative project for me. When it comes to doing a creative photoshoot, you have to start with a moodboard. A moodboard is basically a place where you post pictures and concepts that you can share with other collaborators so everyone is on the same page for a creative endeavor (Pinterest is great for this). I researched 70's fashion styles and outfits that I liked, and shared the moodboard with my talent.

We shot the sessions in Monrovia and Venice Beach, California. Monrovia is a historic city in California with a traditional 'old town' neighborhood that had an aesthetic that fit the mood of the shoot. Venice Beach, on the other hand is a beach town only miles away from downtown Los Angeles. It's always been a place for eclectic personalities, and had a vibe that would only accentuate the feel of the 70s outfits we chose.

I tried to mimic the 'feel' of a 1970s film roll with my editing style, muting the highlights and raising the blacks while adding some grain to the images. While it may not capture the 70s the way a film roll would've, I'd say the editing style makes the photo more believable.

Ultimately, the 1970s fashion photo project was a whole lot of fun and I'd gladly do it again. In the future, I'll be planning a 1980s and 1990s fashion photoshoot as well. Here's how the images came out:

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