Creative Projects

Sometimes, I just need to create. It helps me to stay inspired and keep having fun with my art. Below are some of the Creative Projects I've done to stay happy and sane. Are you interested in collaborating with me on a Creative Project? I am especially fond of Cosplay and War Reenactments, so if you're into either of those, do get in touch!

World War I Reenactment Shoot

Do you remember when the History Channel used to be about actual history? Before Pawn Stars and Ancient Aliens, they used to be nothing but Documentaries about wars past. I grew up watching the History Channel thanks to my Dad, who had authority over the remote control. I was always fascinated by that grainy old war footage and the soldiers who starred in them. This project was about keeping the memories and experiences of those soldiers alive. You can read more about this fun project on my blog here.

More to Come...